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Tesla Will Allow Other Cars To Charge At Norway Superchargers. That’s A Big Deal

Tesla has indicated that next year it will allow other cars to charge at their supercharger network, at least in Norway. If it stays in Norway — which has certain regulatory incentives to make your chargers available to all cars — it’s no big deal, but if it spreads it could be a big change.

Tesla’s supercharger network is a huge advantage over other cars. In fact, until recently, I told anybody shopping for an electric car, “If you want to be able to do road trips outside of your town, the only choice is Tesla.” That may be slowly changing as the network of CCS/Chademo chargers, mostly being built by Electrify America as Volkswagen’s penance for Dieselgate, is growing to a good size.

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Norway, the first country in the world where the purchase of electric cars exceeds that of other new cars

According to the Road Traffic Information Council (OFV), battery-electric cars accounted for 54.3 percent of new vehicle sales in 2020, outperforming cars with gasoline, hybrid and diesel engines combined.

The previous year, Norway became the first country with more than 50 percent electric cars among all new cars sold globally, beating cars with gasoline, hybrid and diesel engines combined, according to data released Tuesday by Norwegian Federation of Roads.

Among the figures, battery electric cars (VEB) accounted for a world record with 54.3 percent of new vehicle sales in 2020 , compared to 2019 which accounted for 42 percent and 1 percent of the market. general of ten years ago. By comparison, the sale of vehicles with specifically diesel engines fell from 75.7 percent in 2011 to only 8.6 percent in 2020.

Norway is on track to meet its goal of decarbonizing all new vehicles by 2025 .

The four best-selling models in the country are: Audi e-tron, Tesla Model 3, Volkswagen ID.3 and Nissan Leaf are all powered by electricity.

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Reuters: Electric cars grab 44% market share in Norway in January

OSLO (Reuters) – Electric cars accounted for a 44.3% share of Norway’s new car sales in January, rising year on year but falling short of the 50-60% range the industry forecast for 2020, data from the Norwegian Road Federation showed on Monday.

In January 2019 electric cars made up 37.8% of sales in the Nordic country and climbed in subsequent months to an overall 42.4% market share for the full year.

As it seeks to phase out the sale of combustion-engine cars by the middle of this decade, oil-producer Norway has exempted battery-powered vehicles from taxes imposed on those running on petrol and diesel.

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Forbes: Who Are The 100 Most Sustainable Companies Of 2020?

A ranking of the organizations doing the most to embrace sustainable business practices was revealed Tuesday at the World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Compiled by Canadian research firm Corporate Knights since 2005, the Global 100 list ranks corporations with revenue in excess of $1 billion based on key metrics of sustainability, among them carbon footprint and gender diversity.

Topping this year’s list is Denmark-based renewable energy provider Ørsted. The first electricity company to earn the distinction of No. 1 climbed 69 spots since 2018 thanks, in part, to the way in which it has reinvented its business model over the past decade. “They completely revamped their core business from being a pretty coal-intensive utility to being almost a pure-play renewable power provider,” says Toby Heaps, cofounder and CEO of Corporate Knights.

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Reuters: After Tesla’s record year in Norway, rivals gear up for 2020

OSLO (Reuters) – New electric car sales in Norway rose by a third last year amid soaring demand for Tesla Inc’s (TSLA.O) vehicles, but the pioneering U.S. company will face a more competitive market in 2020 as rivals prepare to launch new electric models.

Fully electric cars made up 42.4% of sales in the Nordic country last year, a global record, rising from a 31.2% market share in 2018 and just 5.5% in 2013, the Norwegian Road Federation said on Friday.

Norway, which is Europe’s biggest oil and gas producer, is seeking to become the first country to end the sale of fossil-fueled cars by 2025. The country has exempted battery-powered vehicles from the taxes imposed on petrol and diesel engines and after just a few years the streets of Oslo have become quieter and have less air pollution.

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DN: Sintef-forsker om Elon Musks «millionbatteri»: – Det ser veldig reelt ut

– Det ser veldig reelt ut. Dahn er veldig kjent i fagmiljøet og har jobbet i Tesla som batteriekspert.

Det sier Kaushik Jayasayee, som er forsker ved forskningsinstituttet Sintef. Han er ekspert på battericelledesign og levetidsestimering og sikter til professor Jeff Dahn og funnene han og hans forskerteam har gjort på et universitet i Nova Scotia i Canada.

I et fagtidsskrift beskriver de et elbilbatteri som kan ha en levetid på opptil 1,6 millioner kilometer.

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Elektrek: Tesla becomes best-selling brand in Norway, pushing electric car market share to almost 50%

Tesla’s deliveries increased significantly in June in Norway – making Tesla the best-selling brand for the year and pushing the electric market share across all vehicles sold in the country to almost 50%.

As Elektrek has previously reported, Tesla tried to deliver a record number of vehicles in the second quarter and based on our data, it looks like Tesla was ‘very close’ to its delivery record at the end of the period.

The official global delivery numbers are not expected to be released until later this week.

However, Elektrek is already getting some registration data from some markets like Norway.

Tesla’s sales jumped to 3,760 units in June – making Tesla the best-selling brand for the month with a 24.5% market share and also for the whole year-to-date with a 16.1% market share.

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Forbes: Electric Cars: Why Little Norway Leads The World In EV Usage

Almost 60% of new cars sold in Norway during March 2019 were entirely electric-powered. It’s the latest record-breaking statistic involving Norway and electric vehicle (EV) records as the Scandinavian nation looks to stop sales of fossil fueled cars by 2025.

The numbers could be even higher, but thousands of Norwegians find themselves on long waiting lists as dealerships struggle to import enough vehicles. According to industry figures, a total of 11,518 EVs were registered in Norway during the first quarter of 2019, twice as many as the previous year. The new Tesla Model 3, Nissan Leaf and Volkswagen Golf account for the majority of registrations.

Although unit sales in China and the U.S. are far higher, it’s Norway that remains the poster child of the EV revolution. That’s because there are far more EVs on Norwegian roads as a proportion of total vehicles than anywhere else in the world. Constant headlines over the past few years have left many people scratching their heads as to why a little Scandinavian nation with a population just over 5 million leads the EV revolution. The answer is simple: favorable environmental math, and financial incentives.

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CleanTechnia: Tesla Takes 31% Of Norway’s Total Passenger Auto Sales In March

Tesla sold around 5,700 vehicles in Norway in March, of total new passenger car sales for the month of 18,375. That’s around 31% of the market.

Fully electric cars (BEVs) as a whole amounted to over 58% of Norway’s total new auto market, another record. With hybrids (both plugged and non-plugged) taking another 19%, this left only 23% market share for pure-fossil autos.

This means that Tesla significantly outsold all pure-fossil autos in Norway in March. The fossils are quickly becoming extinct.

Norway’s Road Traffic Information Council published figures recording a total of 10,732 new BEV registrations in March, some 58.4% market share. They also recorded that 5,315 Tesla Model 3s were registered in March.

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Bloomberg: Tesla’s Model 3 Shatters Record in Electric Car Crazy Norway

Just weeks after Tesla Inc. started rolling out its Model 3 in Europe, the electric-car maker has beaten the monthly sales record in its key Norwegian market by a wide margin.

As many as 3,593 Model 3s have been registered so far in March, according to independent website Teslastats.no. Even with a few days still left in the month, that’s 65 percent more than a previous high set in March 2018 by the Nissan Leaf, Norway’s most sold car last year.

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