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US companies in Norway Report

Though most Norwegians have a strong and clear picture of well-known brands and consumer products that originate from the US, most of the companies that play a key role in the Norwegian labor market are not well known. Such companies employ many highly educated workers and often play a pivotal role for local employment in smaller Norwegian cities and rural areas.

AmCham & Menon Economics Company-Specific Knowledge

The production of this report required AmCham’s and Menon Economics’ company-specific knowledge to accurately identify and calculate US company figures. For example, according to official SSB statistics, the US is the eighth largest home country investor in Norway. According to our research, however, the US ranks significantly higher as many US companies in Norway are registered through holding companies in other countries like The Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxemburg and Canada.

US Companies Consider Norway an Attractive Country to Invest

US companies are heavily invested in Norway’s capital-intensive energy, manufacturing and retail & tourism industries. As the report shows, over NOK 8 billion in annual Norwegian taxes are paid by the top ten US contributors alone. Since 1893, US corporate investment and M&A activity have been pivotal success factors within numerous Norwegian industries – both in times of plenty and through cyclical downturns.

To build upon this dynamic history, Norwegian and US companies must be able to go about their work under sound, stable government policies and business frameworks. Norway’s uniquely talented workforce, structured data troves, world-class infrastructure and intrinsic international orientation – combined with advancements in energy, healthcare, and aquaculture technologies – will enable the next chapter of business partnerships to outshine even the last. Global markets await!

The Impact of the Multinational Pharmaceutical Industry on Norway's Economy and Society

The aim of the report is to highlight the main ways in which the industry contributes to the Norwegian economy and society and provide comparisons with other sectors in Norway, and with similar sectors in other countries.

Carried out by Oslo Economics and BI Norwegian Business School on behalf of the American Chamber of Commerce in Norway, the report and its analysis is based on official accounting data, information from in-depth interviews and data from an online questionnaire conducted in 2015

Foreign Multinationals in Norway

This report presents an analysis of foreign multinationals in Norway. The principal aim is to identify the economic contributions that foreign multinationals make to the Norwegian society.

The project was undertaken by BI Norwegian Business School on behalf of AmCham Norway, with Professor Torger Reve as head of research, Marius Nordkvelde as project leader and Karthik Gowda as field researcher.

International Leadership Interviews

Rajji Mehdwan

General Manager – Roche Norge

We sat down with Roche Norge General Manager and AmCham Board Member Rajji Mehdwan. Through a globe spanning career that has included stops in several European countries and the United States, Mehdwan has developed a keen sense of what it takes to be an international leader, a sense that has helped her and Roche improve the lives of patients across the world.

Jason Turflinger

Managing Director – AmCham Norway

Originally only planning to live abroad for a few years, little did Jason Turflinger know — back in 1998 — that he, twenty years later, would have a station wagon and a family in suburban Oslo and be heading up the American Chamber of Commerce in Norway, having transformed the organization and quadrupled its size since taking the helm.

Lena Nymo Helli

General Manager – AbbVie

Upon having completed her pharmacist degree, Lena Nymo Helli was always determined that she wanted to work in the pharmaceutical industry. Passionate about people, innovation and collaboration, she is therefore delighted that AbbVie recently won Great Place to Work for the second consecutive year.

Ans Heirman

Country Manager – MSD Norge

Having arrived at MSD Norway in July 2017, AmCham’s newly elected Board Member, Dr. Ans Heirman, is passionate about science and innovation. It is quite fitting therefore, that — following the completion of her bioengineering studies and her PhD in applied economics —she has excelled at MSD, a company that spearheads both.

Morten Fon

President & CEO – Jotun

Morten Fon is the CEO and President of Jotun. Following an MBA in Finance and Business Administration in Aalborg, he started working for Jotun in 1989. He has since been Managing Director in their Egypt and Malaysia offices, as well as Regional Vice President in South East Asia, before becoming CEO and President in 2005.

Kåre Nygård

Managing Director – SAS Institute Norway

Kåre Nygård is Managing Director for SAS Institute Norway as well as Healthcare Industry Lead in the Nordics. Following his studies at the University of Oregon, he has enjoyed several consultancy positions, before becoming country manager for the world’s leading provider of data analytics, SAS Institute.

Elyette Roux

VP Strategy & Business – Schneider Electric

Elyette Roux is the VP Strategy and Business Development at Schneider Electric in Norway. Before moving to Norway, Elyette has been in charge of projects involving partners and customers in over 20 countries

Kathryn Baker

Investor and Board Professional

Kathryn Baker is the first ever non-Norwegian to sit on the board of the Central Bank of Norway. Throughout a career, that has taken her from Wall Street and Morgan Stanley to various board positions in Norway – including a seat at the AmCham Board, she has gained substantial international leader experience. AmCham sat down with Baker to pick her brain, discussing all things international and leadership related aspects.

Lars Näslund

Managing Director Nordics – 3M

Lars Näslund is the Managing Director in the Nordic Region for 3M. The Swede has vast international leadership experience from all over the world. What are the differences of managing a team in Greece and Portugal, compared to Scandinavia? AmCham traveled out to 3M’s offices outside of Oslo to speak with Näslund in the office lobby. As in order to be more approachable, he does not want a private office when he visits Norway.

Anne-Sofie Risåsen

CEO – Capgemini Norway

Anne-Sofie Risåsen is the CEO of Capgemini in Norway. She started working for the French-headquartered IT-company after completing her degree in computer science in California. Starting as a consultant at Capgemini, Risåsen has worked her way up the company ladder to claim the CEO chair in 2014.

AmCham sat down with Risåsen at Capgemini’s offices in Skøyen, Oslo to discuss her views on leadership and international experience in AmCham’s fifth edition of the International Leadership Interview Series.

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