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Building a Foundation for Sustainable Operations

For future success, you must ensure that you are running a sustainable business – for people, planet and profit. Sustainability is not simply a check box in the annual report. It is something that affects your business – and creates opportunities. Many AmCham companies are at forefront of their respective industries and have been on the journey for some time, while others are trying to find their way to a sustainable future.

AmCham therefore inaugurated the cross-industry Sustainability Forum to facilitate member companies’ integration of sustainable practices into their day-to-day operations. Through collaborative, roundtable sessions, participants share best practices, discuss common challenges, sound out new initiatives – and determine how they can play a role in the Norwegian sustainability agenda going forward.

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The systematic, long-term management and coordination of environmental, social, and economic principles to ensure responsible, ethical, and lasting business success.

Corporate Sustainability

as defined by AmCham Norway’s sustainability working group

Cross-Industry Perspective - Industry Leading Expertise

Since the inauguration of the forum in mid-2018, member companies have deliberated upon how to better implement sustainable business practices across their diverse industries. These dialogues have centered upon:

  • Educating clients, partners and public officials.
  • The importance of communicating openly on corporate sustainability challenges.
  • The implementation of new technologies.
  • Assessing how sustainable business practices can contribute to financial performance.

Strengthening Public-Private Collaboration

Where it concerns sustainability, public-private collaboration is a dynamic, evolving, and complex issue. AmCham’s Sustainability Forums are designed to facilitate dialogue between member company leaders and government officials, sparking avenues for cooperation amongst companies within different industries experiencing similar problems. Public-private collaboration issues addressed have included:

  • Implementing country-wide sustainability initiatives across Norway’s patchwork regulatory framework of over 400 municipalities.
  • Innovation, technology, and regulation – addressing the technology-regulatory gap.
  • Developing a pro-sustainability agenda.
  • Predictable sustainability frameworks.

Forum Format

AmCham’s Sustainability Forums are hosted on a quarterly, rotating basis by AmCham’s member companies, featuring twenty participants and a program that runs approximately two hours.

The host of each forum typically gives a presentation on an agreed forum related topic during the first 15 minutes of the forum. From that point, participants engage in a moderated roundtable discussion for the remainder of the session.


Previous Forums

Forum Summary: AmCham Sustainability Forum – September 2019

AmCham Sustainability Forum participants gathered at Orkla’s Oslo headquarters for the Q3 edition of the forum, which included presentations from Orkla’s Ellen Behrens and Oslo Business Region’s Claire McAree. Attendees discussed how companies can develop innovative, future-oriented sustainability strategies, underlining the importance of leadership and talent recruitment in meeting sustainability challenges along the way.

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Forum Summary: AmCham Sustainability Forum – May 2019

Participants gathered at AmCham’s offices for the Q2 edition of our Sustainability Forum. Featuring presentations from Philip Morris Norway’s Pia Prestmo and RCL Cruises’ Geir Kronbæck, the forum addressed the process of implementing sustainable business processes, highlighting the fact that sustainability is not a fixed goal, but rather a journey of continuous improvement, innovation, and strategic evolution.

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