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The AmCham Financial Forum

The AmCham Financial Forum is a platform that provides cross-industry financial leads the opportunity to share best practices and have open discussions amongst peers – building a better understanding of what it takes to run a successful international finance department in Norway.  Through roundtable discussions and engaging, interactive workshops, member participants delve into real world financial operations challenges – from balancing both strategic and operational roles, to ensuring they are getting the best insights and data possible.

Building a Better Workday for Financial Leads in Norway

Responding to Financial Disruption:

New advancements in financial technology occur at a dizzying pace, a trend that can leave many financial leads with the difficult task of separating the noise from critical developments. Two areas in which these developments have converged with wider global trends are outsourcing and automation. As the prevalence and availability of outsourcing leads to shrinking financial teams, financial leads are having to find the right balance between outsourcing, automation, and retaining top talent in country.

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The Financial Lead of the Future: Focusing on the Human Element of Finance in Tomorrow’s Business Environment

As one Financial Forum participant noted in our February forum, “Reports don’t create results, it’s what people do with them.” Indeed, from driving employee engagement to developing accountability structures, today’s financial leads must not only have an astute financial mind but must also be a talented leader. It is a task that will become even more difficult as AI and outsourcing play an increasingly larger role.

Financial Forum at a Glance

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How It Works

Inspire Dialogues

The AmCham Financial Forum offers a safe, unique cross-industry setting that inspires conversation on a variety of topics relevant to finance leads.

Foster Innovation

We find that by breaking leaders outside of the same old industry-specific dialogues, we encourage people to start thinking more creatively. The AmCham Financial Forum allows different industries to learn from each other – and that's where true innovation happens.

Build Networks

As a corporate leader, having a network of peers is an invaluable tool for ensuring future success. Through the AmCham Financial Forum, participants can engage with directly with leaders facing similar opportunities – and challenges.

Forum Format

AmCham’s Finanical Forums are hosted on a rotating basis by AmCham’s member companies, featuring twenty participants and a program that runs approximately two hours.

The host of each forum typically gives a presentation on an agreed forum related topic during the first 15 minutes of the forum. From that point, participants engage in a moderated roundtable discussion for the remainder of the session.

Previous Forums

AmCham Financial Forum: Ongoing COVID-19 Challenges & Adjustments for All

AmCham’s latest Financial Forum was convened virtually last week with mainstay forum leads from 24SevenOffice, BAT, IBM, KPMG, OSM Aviation Management, Raise Gruppen, and Sonitor in attendance.

The concentrated open-exchange session featured candid exchange on remote financial department workflow and resource engagement, forecasting through the remainder of 2020 and beyond, shifting US and Norwegian business regulations, and internal/external supplier and customer credit processes.

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AmCham Financial Forum – January 2020

AmCham welcomed financial leads from Accenture, AIG, GIEK, Harvey Nash, IBM, Kluge, KPMG, Manpower, OSM Aviation, Pfizer, Sonitor, TGI Friday’s, and Verizon to Raise Gruppen‘s downtown Oslo offices for the first AmCham Financial Forum of 2020.

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Forum Summary: AmCham CFO Forum – September 2019

AmCham welcomed invited financial leads to Discovery Networks Norway’s Nydalen offices for the latest edition of our CFO Forum. Discovery’s Henrik Stobbe spoke on the importance of financial leadership in industries undergoing rapid transformation, touching upon the evolution of media from linear to digital and the challenges that evolution has brought with it. Stobbe was followed by BI Norwegian Business School’s Paul Ehling, who spoke on the cash vs. investment debate, encouraging attendees to challenge the “cash is king” mentality.

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