The AmCham Norway Story

AmCham was formally constituted as Norwegian business association in 1998. Its antecedents, however, extend back to 1958 when the American Club was founded in Oslo, meaning AmCham celebrates 65 years in 2023!

In 1999 the American Chamber of Commerce in Norway and the Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce (NACC Oslo) merged. The merger was an important step for American-Norwegian business at the threshold of the new millennium.

Since then, AmCham has quadrupled in size —  both in terms of staff and member companies.

We are proud to have developed Norwegian-American business relations for the past sixty-five years. With a broad range of member-backed initiatives, we look forward to working to strengthen the foundation of the transatlantic economy in the sixty-five years to come.

Past Presidents & Chairs

Erling Bergendahl 1958-1966

Derek L. Blix 1966-1969

Harald Flaata 1969-1971

Finn Owren 1971-1974

Rolf A. Sættem 1974-1975

John C. Ausland 1975-1977

Lloyd D. Chapman 1977-1978

Knut B. Andersen 1978-1980

Samuel D. Mandeville 1980-1983

John P. Wheatly 1983-1988

Kenneth Burton 1988-1990

Tor Dahl 1990-1994

Berit M Sjølund 1994-1997

Rolf C. A. Röding 1997-2000

Tony Gordon 2000-2001

William N. Nunn 2001-2004

John Ustas 2004-2006

André Demarest 2006-2008

Gunnar Rødal 2008-2010

Jan Grønbech 2010-2014

Pål Rokke 2014-2020

Rajji Mehdwan 2020-2021

Ketil Nordengen 2021-Current