“In our work to strengthen the ties across the Atlantic further, the Norwegian Government finds a crucial partner in the American Chamber of Commerce in Norway. Together, AmCham and the Norwegian Government are ensuring that the Atlantic does not act as a barrier between our two countries, but rather as a bridge.”

– Børge Brende, former Minister of Foreign Affairs

The American Chamber of Commerce in Norway (AmCham) is an independent business networking, information and assistance organization promoting the interests of 240 Norwegian, American and international member companies.

AmCham Norway receives no subsidy from any governmental body and we rely on membership dues, sponsorships and event participation fees to cover our operating expenses.

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AmCham Norway strives to: 

  • Encourage American-Norwegian business relations
  • Promote the mutual interest of our members
  • Provide social, business and policy forums for our members
  • Strengthen American-Norwegian bonds by providing dependable, balanced information about forces at play within these markets
  • Facilitate credible business connections between American and Norwegian business leaders
  • Act as a host to the international business community to enhance professional development
  • Participate in programs and obtain information on protecting businesses from unfavorable governmental regulations
  • Assist in utilizing US Embassy channels with direct access to the American Government
  • Produce and provide useful publications such as newsletters, reports and an annual membership directory

AmCham Norway is a fully accredited member of the US Chamber of Commerce (COCUSA), headquartered in Washington D.C. The US Chamber of Commerce is the world’s largest nonprofit business federation representing:

  • 300,000 businesses
  • 3,000 state and local chambers
  • 830 business associations
  • 117 American Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AmChams)

As the leading area for transatlantic business interests, AmCham is focused primarily on event facilitation, member services and advocacy initiatives. We strive to derive the maximum value and getting the most out companies’ commitment to doing business in Norway and the US.


AmCham Norway works to serve its members to further the development of trade and commerce between the United States and Norway by acting as a collective voice for American Norwegian business.


The American Chamber of Commerce in Norway was formally constituted as a Norwegian business association in January 1998.


Our staff is well trained and ready to provide excellent service to our members in any queries that might occur.