Multinational Healthcare Investment in Norway: Fulfilling Potential

An in-depth Report

AmCham proudly presents Multinational Healthcare Investment in Norway: Fulfilling Potential, assessing Norway’s ability to grow its engagement within a life-saving – and particularly competitive – global industry.

Norwegian authorities have repeatedly outlined both a desire and need for cooperation and intensified interaction between private healthcare industry and public actors. This report, using a combination of qualitative interviews and quantitative analysis, provides healthcare industry perspectives on Norway’s greatest existing barriers – and most promising recommendations for growth.

Available in both English and Norwegian, the report was authored by Oslo Economics’ Erik Magnus Sæther and his team on behalf of AmCham Norway. 

The Healthcare Industry's Contributions Within Norway

The multinational healthcare industry plays a key role in the provision of high-quality, efficient, and equitable care to the Norwegian population.

It also makes a substantial contribution to the Norwegian economy, providing high quality jobs and supporting additional value creation through investment in research and development of new technologies and medicines.

Skilled Jobs

Innovative Treatments

Increased Length & Quality of Life

Welfare System Efficiency

Capital Investments



Direct Jobs

The private healthcare industry directly employs 5,800 people in Norway

There is a mutual interest from both private industry and the Norwegian government to establish a flourishing healthcare industry in Norway, as is indicated by recent Government publications:

Government Ambitions

This report outlines how the industry hopes to assist in achieving these goals, and work as a solid partner to the public healthcare sector.

Four Main Areas of focus to acheive a more competitive and sustainable healthcare sector (as outlined in the Whitepaper on the Healthcare Industry)

Signals of Existing Barriers

Despite the sector’s significant contributions to the Norwegian economy and society, international comparisons reveal that there is still untapped potential. Several barriers emerge as key to understanding and unlocking this potential.


As compared to similarly positioned countries, Norway’s low level of government spending on pharmaceuticals represents a low degree of access to innovative treatments.

Pharmaceutical spending as a % of GDP:

OECD average


Investment in pharmaceutical R&D and pharmaceutical exports across the Nordic Countries:

Figure 3_Investment


Political vision

Joint Life Sciences forum 

Value in innovation

Holistic approach to HTAs

Lighthouses of excellence

Invest in existing areas of strength

Risk sharing for faster access

Enact alternative financing schemes

Leverage health registry data

Allow access and defragment 

Regional cooperation

Increase Nordic specialization

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