AmCham Sustainability Forum: Regulation as Opportunity & Operationalizing Across the Organization

Cross-industry member leaders gathered at Lucid Motors’ studio for a morning Sustainability Forum focusing on how organizations can best orient themselves toward climate accounting and the methodical integration of sustainable practices across departments. 

Jack Huiman, Head of Retail & Marketing, shared Lucid Motors’ journey from the start – from modular battery innovations to producing EV’s that travel farther using less energy. This positions Lucid as EV industry leaders, with technology at the core of the expanding California company. 

Position Green’s Executive Chairman Joachim Nahem and Managing Director Morten Skodbo shared insights on how sustainability disclosure regulations present opportunities for business efficiency action. For its part, Position Green’s own software is designed for processes and systems to operate within digital taxonomy – enabling businesses to keep up with regulations and sustainability documentation.

Jack Huiman

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Kerry M. Bommen

Joachim Nahem


Morten Skodbo


What Does Success Look Like for Your Organization?

Kerry M. Bommen, Director Sustainability at Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, presented on integrating sustainable practices into the core processes and future-proofing the business. With 4,635 employees in 16 countries, Kongsberg is a global technology leader and at the forefront of sustainable industry standards, as evidenced in their Annual & Sustainability Report 2023. Bommen emphasized collective responsibility with purpose – and a top-level leadership mandate. 

 About AmCham Sustainability Forum 

Future success is dependent upon running a sustainable business – for people, planet, and profit. Hence, AmCham brings select, cross-industry member company representatives together on an ongoing basis to discuss opportunities, facilitate open exchange and determine how AmCham members can best contribute to Norwegian and US sustainability agendas going forward. 

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