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Bloomberg: Masters of $1 Trillion Fund Reap Rewards of a Very Good Idea

In one of the world’s richest countries, the finance minister may soon need to break the spending record he just set.

For Jan Tore Sanner, the 55-year-old who’s been running Norway’s finances since January, that’s not really a problem thanks to a couple of choices his country made a while back.


Reuters: Norway pledges $1 billion to vaccines against COVID-19, other diseases

OSLO (Reuters) – Norway will give $1 billion to support the distribution worldwide of any vaccine developed against COVID-19 as well as for vaccines against other diseases, Prime Minister Erna Solberg said on Monday.

Oslo made the pledge as part of a donor conference held on Monday by the European Union to raise 7.5 billion euros ($8.23 billion) towards the testing, treatment and prevention of the respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

Non-EU member Norway is a co-chair of the event as a long-standing donor to global health initiatives.

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Regjeringen: Koronapandemien hovedtema i samtale med Pompeo

Utenriksminister Ine Eriksen Søreide skulle denne uken ha besøkt Washington, D.C. for samtaler med blant andre utenriksminister Mike Pompeo. I stedet møtte hun i dag sin amerikanske kollega til en telefonsamtale.

Håndteringen av Covid-19 var en av hovedsakene i utenriksministerens samtale med Pompeo.

– USA er spesielt hardt rammet av pandemien, men Covid-19 har store konsekvenser for alle land og for det globale fellesskapet. Mitt hovedbudskap til utenriksminister Pompeo var at grenseoverskridende kriser som denne må håndteres gjennom internasjonalt samarbeid. Vi var enige om at fortsatt tett samarbeid mellom allierte vil være av stor betydning i tiden som kommer. Utvikling av vaksiner er høyt prioritert av både Norge og USA. Vi deler bekymringen for desinformasjon og propaganda under Covid-19, sier utenriksministeren. 

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Washington Post: Upbeat news on a possible coronavirus treatment powers U.S. stocks, lifting Dow more than 500 points

Small but significant scientific advances against covid-19 sent stocks bursting upward Wednesday, all but ignoring sobering data that shows a U.S. economy in paralysis.

Stocks are on pace for one of their best months in decades as the United States ramps up coronavirus testing and states take steps to emerge from the weeks-long lockdown.

Wednesday’s rally picked up steam after Gilead Sciences reported “positive data” coming from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases’ clinical trial of its investigational remdesivir treatment for covid-19. The company said “the trial has met its primary endpoint.”

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Keeping Trade Open: Where Do US Medical Products Really Come From?

The COVID-19 pandemic has inflicted a heavy toll on the United States in lost lives and mounting economic hardship. While our resilience is unquestionable, the pandemic has laid bare the inadequacies of some aspects of U.S. preparedness, and policy changes are clearly warranted.

But will we embrace the right solutions? 

A number of lawmakers have introduced legislation to address some shortcomings. Several of these proposals proceed from the idea that the United States is dangerously dependent on Chinese medical products. While some of these bills adopt a deliberative approach, others call for quick action to compel firms to “reshore” production of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.

Before policymakers charge ahead, it’s imperative that we start by identifying the real problems — and then devise the right solutions. 

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LMI: Produserer vaksiner på harde livet

– Vi har fått inn 18 500 nye doser av pneumokokkvaksinen vår til Norge, etter å ha satt alle mann på dekk for å få det til.

I forbindelse med COVID-19 har Folkehelseinstituttet understreket sin anbefaling om at eldre og personer med nedsatt immunforsvar bør ta vaksine mot lungebetennelse. Mange nordmenn ønsket å følge rådet, og da gikk MSD nesten tom.

– Den plutselige enorme etterspørselen førte til en mangelsituasjon. Så vi satte alle mann på dekk, aksellererte vår supply, og i samarbeidet med Legemiddelverket klarte vi å skaffe nesten 20 000 vaksinedoser – da i utenlandske pakninger – som kom i forrige uke, sier Heirman.

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Press Release: Norway to play leading role in international coronavirus summit

The European Commission, under its President, Ursula von der Leyen, is to hold a virtual donor conference to mobilise political and financial support for efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic. The Coronavirus Global Response Summit will be held on 4 May, and Prime Minister Erna Solberg will be one of the co-chairs.

‘We welcome the European Commission’s initiative to hold a major international conference to mobilise support for the development of vaccines, diagnostics and treatments for COVID-19. Given our longstanding engagement in the area of global health, it is only natural for Norway to do its part when we are asked to co-chair a conference of this kind,’ Ms Solberg said.

The intention is for most of the funding that is raised to be used for the development of vaccines, the best possible treatments and rapid, wide-ranging diagnostic techniques for COVID-19. Norway will give priority to vaccine development and distribution through the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, but will also seek to mobilise international support for cooperation to develop better treatments and testing.

Norway was involved in the establishment of both CEPI and Gavi, and since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak has been working actively at the international level to secure increased funding for CEPI’s work on COVID-19 vaccines. Norway considers it vital to ensure that any vaccine that is developed is distributed fairly, including to developing countries, and that this work is carried out under the leadership of the World Health Organization.

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The Hill: Race for coronavirus vaccine faces early challenges

Drug companies are racing to develop a coronavirus vaccine at breakneck speed, but they’re quickly encountering challenges with clinical trials, production capacity and governmental approval.

The world is pinning its hopes on a vaccine to prevent COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. Public health experts say that until a vaccine is successfully deployed, it will be difficult to completely lift the social distancing restrictions that have devastated the global economy.

Normally, vaccines often take five to 10 years to develop. Limited human trials of some vaccine candidates are already underway, and experts say there is reason for optimism.

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AmChams in Europe: Solidarity, Coordination & Action

The world is facing an extraordinary challenge from the outbreak of COVID-19. The pandemic poses a severe threat to the health and wellbeing of citizens and the global economy with harmful consequences for all parts of society.

AmChams in Europe, the umbrella organization for 45 AmChams from 43 countries across Europe and Eurasia, fully support governments’ efforts to tackle the pandemic and mitigate its effects. The mobilization of resources has been unprecedented, and we need continued leadership to address the impact of the crisis on society. We call on our governments to focus on:

1) Solidarity – We are all in this together. Increased sharing of resources and information among our countries and globally is critical to address the pandemic successfully. Now is the time to demonstrate the values we share in Europe, across the Atlantic and with the rest of the global community.

2) Coordination – Governments need to enhance coordination across borders and within alliances to ensure a consistent and harmonized approach to the crisis but also to start setting the foundations of the economic recovery. Cooperation at the regional and global levels is vital as governments put together initiatives to protect our economies, and ultimately the livelihood of citizens.

3) Action – We need bold action to ensure access to critical goods and services we all depend on. In particular, the movement of goods across borders must be unimpeded. Much-needed goods rely on integrated supply-chains for production before they can be delivered to individuals and businesses.

AmChams in Europe are committed to doing all we can do to mobilize our member companies and our networks to support the economic recovery. We are coordinating with our colleagues across the European region and globally to put forward recommendations for a strong and sound economic recovery for the prosperity and wellbeing of all our citizens and businesses.

About AmChams in Europe
AmChams in Europe serves as the umbrella organization for 45 American Chambers of Commerce (AmChams) from 43 countries throughout Europe and Eurasia. In Europe we represent the interests of more than 17,000 American and European companies employing 20 million workers and accounting for more than $1.1 trillion in investment on both sides of
the Atlantic. As the bilateral voice of American and European companies, AmChams in Europe works to communicate the importance of the transatlantic economy in both Europe and the United States.

For a full list of members, please see below or click here.

AmChams in Europe
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Harvard Business Review: Assessing Coronavirus’s Impact on Your Business Model

When a crisis like the coronavirus pandemic hits an organization, its executives need to assess the impact on their business model, both immediately and over the long term. A framework we’ve developed over a decade of teaching can help executives identify the business-model risks and opportunities that the crisis presents.

To start, you’ll look at the four core dimensions of your business model: customers, value propositions, value demonstrations, and capabilities. Second, you’ll analyze the connections between these dimensions. Third, you’ll define realistic objectives for your organization, during and after the crisis. (You may want to consider different objectives for different crisis scenarios,  such as fast crisis recovery vs. long lockdown period.)

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