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Rising Leaders Program: Culture of Innovation at Amazon with Sven Sunde, AWS

Rising Leaders: Culture of Innovation at Amazon with Sven Sunde

Gathering virtually to learn about the unique culture of innovation at Amazon, Rising Leaders participants and AmCham members engaged Sven Sunde – Territory Team Manager Norway, Denmark, & Iceland – on Amazon Web Services (AWS) work in supporting pre-funded start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. 

Sunde detailed how the company’s “customer-obsessed” focus and 14 Amazon leadership principles are ingrained in every aspect of the global organization, and within every team. Often closest to the customer, all “Amazonians” are considered leaders, and are thus encouraged to make key decisions. 


Sven Sunde

Nordic Territory Team Manager

All Can Make Good Decisions with Good Data

With elaborate and continuously improved mechanisms in place, Amazon has scaled at a breathtaking pace. Sunde explained how empowering small “two pizza” teams and a “working backward” document review process has helped keep the large company agile and primed for the rapid implementation of new ideas.

Document writing plays an important role in the Amazon culture, as meeting agendas follow authored narratives. “I never thought I would have to write so many papers after college, but I have found that it always has value and is a good investment of time,” confided Sunde.

AWS – from 2002 to 12%

Amazon subsidiary Amazon Web Services was launched in 2002 as a collection of technology microservices tailor built to address internal challenges. With the cloud computing platform now representing 12% of Amazon’s annual worldwide revenue, Sven emphasized that the formula is not a secret sauce. “Anyone can develop their own unit or personal projects. Failure is encouraged and accepted if it ultimately creates key learnings and value.”

About the Rising Leaders Program

Rising Leaders, a joint AmCham-US Embassy initiative, brings together entrepreneurs, young professionals, and student leaders in an innovative program to promote diversity and connect promising talent. Through the program, participants engage international business leaders, learn about AmCham member companies, explore careers, and gain business and leadership skills.

The 2020-21 Rising Leaders class – comprised of 17 women and 10 men between the ages of 23 and 35 – bring with them experience from healthcare, classical music, urban planning, organizational psychology, immigration, engineering, communications, technology, teaching, economics, finance, and marketing. All 27 program participants have demonstrated leadership, entrepreneurial, and/or business excellence in their educational pursuits and careers thus far.

For more information about the program, or to learn how your organization can get involved, please contact madeleine.brekke@amcham.no.

Shifter: Bekreftet: Amazon skal utvide til Norge

Den nær forestående etableringen i Sverige vil fungere som inngangsport til resten av Norden – inkludert Norge – for netthandelens Goliat. – På ingen måte for sent, men de har ikke god tid, sier gründeren bak We Are Brands om norske aktører.

Det er en dårlig skjult hemmelighet at Amazon er i ferd med å etablere seg i Eskilstuna, halvannen time utenfor Stockholm.

I nye stillingsutlysninger kommer det frem at netthandelgiganten skal bruke Sverige som inngangsport til resten av Norden. Dette er det første konkrete beviset på at Amazon skal utvide til Norge.

Les hele saken HER.

AmChams in Europe Transatlantic Conference in Washington, D.C. & Seattle

AmChams in Europe Transatlantic Conference in Washington, D.C. & Seattle

AmCham Norway recently participated in the annual AmChams in Europe conference held in both Washington, D.C. and Seattle.

The conference kicked off in the heart of the capitol at the US Chamber of Commerce, where participants including AmCham Norway’s Katja Dahl Murphy were briefed on the current state of transatlantic relations, trade policy, cybersecurity, global energy policy, and tax policy. The group also met with Pentagon and US Department of State officials.

The following day, participants met with Deputy Secretary Karen Dunn Kelley at the Department of Commerce, where they were briefed on USMCA, ongoing FTA negotiations, and US-EU trade negotiations. The group also visited the Atlantic Council, delving into current US-China relations and EU election consequences for the US-EU trade relationship.

Nordic – Pacific Northwest Partnerships

Managing Director Jason Turflinger then joined European counterparts in Seattle, taking part in meetings with Accenture, Amazon, Boeing, and Boston Consulting Group. Finally, at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, AmCham executives scrutinized the ethical use of artificial intelligence in various world regions and witnessed first-hand the latest technological developments within agriculture, public administration, and energy.

Together with AmCham leaders from Denmark and Finland, Turflinger also took part in the Nordic Innovation Summit, hosted by Seattle’s landmark Nordic Museum. In its second year, the expanding summit brought innovation leaders together to build upon robust Nordic – Pacific Northwest partnerships.