US Navy Orders Marinized Version of Kongsberg’s CROWS

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US Navy Orders Marinized Version of Kongsberg’s CROWS


Category: Defense / Security

The marinized CROWS will keep sailors protected from hostile fire while enhancing overall ship protection and providing unique operational capabilities including enhanced target interrogation and the ability to counter asymmetric threats. The CROWS will allow sailors to operate the array of sensors and weaponry from safely inside a vessel, instead of from unprotected, open positions.

“The marinized version of the PROTECTOR M153 CROWS is a platform that takes all of the lessons from years of combat service in Iraq and Afghanistan with the land forces and brings them to the U.S. Navy.  The system increases engagement effectiveness and offers unmatched deployment flexibility across platforms and in any environment,” said Rune Johannessen, Vice President of Business Development, North America for Kongsberg Protech Systems.

From harbor protection to littoral missions and into the open water, the naval optimized CROWS offers the same proven precision capabilities as those currently deployed around the world. The standard sensor package includes a daylight color camera, a thermal night camera (IR) and a laser range finder allowing all-weather, day and night operations. The target tracking and comprehensive fire control provide first-burst on target capabilities while limiting collateral damage. These enhancements allow troops and commanders to operate with greater confidence and effectiveness.

The KONGSBERG PROTECTOR M153 is the U.S. Army CROWS program of record, where the system has amassed over 10 million combat hours while being deployed on over 30 different vehicles with a wide array of weapons and sensor options. KONGSBERG will continue providing CROWS to the U.S. military for the next five years under a framework agreement awarded in late 2012.

The system production and technical engineering support of the M153 CROWS will continue to be carried out in Johnstown, Pa. The facility has already produced over 10,000 PROTECTOR CROWS systems, which protect troops while increasing effective range, precision and giving a decisive advantage in situational awareness.

Source: Kongsberg Protech Systems

Published: May 26, 2024