Why U.S.-Nordic Relations Matter More Than Ever

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Why U.S.-Nordic Relations Matter More Than Ever


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Kirsti Kauppi Ambassador of Finland to the United States, Amb. Kåre Aas Ambassador of Norway to the United States, Amb. Geir H. Haarde Ambassador of Iceland to the United States , Amb. Björn Lyrvall Ambassador of Sweden to the United States, Lars Gert Lose Ambassador of Denmark to the United States.

What makes your country prosper? What makes it resilient in a rapidly changing and challenging security environment? As ambassadors of the Nordic countries, we are often asked how our region has been able to stay relatively tranquil in an increasingly troubled world.

It is hardly a coincidence that President Barack Obama has invited the leaders of the five Nordic countries — Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden — to Washington on May 13. He will host a U.S.-Nordic Leaders Summit in the White House with close allies and partners to discuss issues of mutual interest and joint concern.

The leaders will debate the root causes of conflict, and how to create stability in fragile states and conflict areas, such as Syria and Iraq. They will also discuss how to manage the refugee and migration crisis, which has long-term and widespread implications. The crisis is rocking Europe at its foundations, and is a tragedy of historic proportions for people fleeing from war and destruction. We support President Obama’s decision to host a Leaders’ Summit on Refugees in September. As strong proponents of multilateral cooperation, the Nordic countries value President Obama’s emphasis on a collaborative international approach to important global issues.

Source: Huffington Post