Tesla Motors Opens World’s Largest Supercharger Station in Norway

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Tesla Motors Opens World’s Largest Supercharger Station in Norway


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Tesla Motors has opened the world’s largest Supercharger station in Norway. Located in Nebbenes, the 20-stall Supercharger station is also the largest DC fast-charging station. Nebbenes is small town a few miles north of Oslo, according to a report published in Electrek.

Superchargers are free connectors to charge Model S and Model X in minutes. All new Model S and Model X come standard with Supercharger technology.

“Using a Supercharger is easy. You simply pull up, plug in, and in approximately 30 minutes you have enough range to get to your destination or the next station,” according to Tesla’s website.

The Electrek report says that the Nebbenes Supercharger is limited to a total output of 2,000 kW. That means if all the stalls are in use at the same time, they would be limited to 100 kW each. This seems to be an impressive output.

Tesla is making improvements to its charging stations. According to the report, the Nebbenes site features a new layout seen at a few of Tesla’s latest stations. It looks like a gas station than at a regular parking lot.

The site also has chargers for cars other than Tesla. The site is equipped with several chargers including 2 CHAdeMO and 2 CCS DC fast-chargers. This site is now the largest fast-charging station site in the world.

Tesla is the only electric vehicle manufacturer capable of charging vehicles at up to 120 kW, which equates to about 170 miles of range in as little as 30 minutes.

Source: Market Exclusive