Tesla confirms building new biggest charging station in Europe – 42-stall Supercharger

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Tesla confirms building new biggest charging station in Europe – 42-stall Supercharger


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Tesla is still far from its goal to have 10,000 Superchargers online around the world by the end of the year, but they might still have a shot thanks to several new large stations coming online.

The company confirmed that it is currently building a new 42-stall Supercharger station in Norway, which should become the biggest charging station in Europe.

Rumor of the new station, which should be located near the Oslo Rygge Airport just southeast of Oslo, first surfaced in July.

At the time, the station was rumored to have 40 Supercharger stalls and while Tesla confirmed that it was considering the site, the company said that it might not happen.

Now Tesla Norway Communications manager Even Sandvold Roland confirmed to NRK that the station is happening and it will feature 42 Superchargers:

“We invest a lot in building the charging network so it’s easy to go for a long trip with our cars, and look forward to opening this station in Rygge,”

Norway’s Electric Vehicle Association is trying to use Tesla’s Supercharger network as an example to replicate for other automakers or charging network operators.

For example, this new Supercharger station will be built next to an existing third-party charging station with only 3 charge points. That’s for all EVs and yet, it’s only a fraction of the charge points available for Tesla-only vehicles despite the fact that Tesla’s sales represented only 15% of EV sales in the country during the first half of the year.

Tesla sees those locations as important to enable long-distance travel:

“In Norway, there is a lot of interest in and increasing knowledge about electric cars, and more and more choose it as their main car. Then it is important to have a good infrastructure, especially for long trips. We build out charging stations along important itineraries and important destinations, making it easy to go for a long trip.”

The automaker’s latest expansion in the country is not really surprising considering it broke its delivery record last month – resulting in a new lowest CO2 emissions record for new vehicles in the country.

Tesla has several of those new bigger Supercharger stations planned, but so far they have mostly been in California, where Tesla is expected to soon have a surge in the number of cars in its fleet due to the Model 3.

The vehicle is not expected to arrive in Norway until late next year, but its fleet is already growing fast in the market just with Model S and Model X. Its growth could potentially slow down with a new proposed tax, but the situation is still uncertain for now.

Source: Electrek