Telenor Group Announces Collaboration with NVIDIA to Support its AI-First Ambition

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Telenor Group Announces Collaboration with NVIDIA to Support its AI-First Ambition


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Barcelona—Mobile World Congress —February 26, 2024: Telenor announced today it is collaborating with NVIDIA to bring AI across the Nordic region, transform internal operational efficiencies and the communications network, and create new AI opportunities and partnerships with startups, enterprises, and government entities. With this collaboration, Telenor plans to become a sovereign AI cloud partner of NVIDIA, enabling generative AI across Nordic markets at the national level. In addition, Telenor aims to implement innovative AI solutions across its operations, from customer service to network optimisation.

As part of the collaboration, Telenor will leverage NVIDIA’s expertise in AI, cloud, and network technologies to create new opportunities for internal efficiencies and improve customer solutions. With initial operations at the national level in Norway, Telenor will enable generative AI across the region, signifying a leap forward for community and developer initiatives.

Telenor’s AI ambitions are firmly rooted in its AI-first program, which was announced today, that prioritises value-driven use cases across business areas, data modernisation, and responsible AI development in an inclusive, safe, secure, and sustainable way, as well as human capital upskilling. Telenor believes in a human-centric approach to AI development and use, working to raise ethical standards with regards to digital inclusion, sustainability, and security, as well as mitigating risks.

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