US Tech company sets its sights on Norway’s salmon industry

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US Tech company sets its sights on Norway’s salmon industry


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BluWrap, a California, U.S.A.-based tech company, has hired Ola H. Strand, former CEO of both Scandinavian Airlines Norway and the retail chain COOP, as a consultant, in order to break into the Norwegian salmon industry.

The company provides controlled atmosphere technology to reduce and monitor oxygen in order to extend the shelf life of fresh proteins, according to its website.

“Norway has unique challenges with logistics because of large volumes of product transported via narrow mountainous passes typically covered with snow and ice. Ola’s hands-on experience dealing with these challenges during his CEO tenure at Scandinavian Airlines Norway and COOP Norway will be a huge benefit to BluWrap,” said Mark Barnekow, chief executive officer of BluWrap, in a prepared statement. “We believe Mr. Strand’s strategic insight and vision for transforming the way logistics is conducted in the Norwegian salmon industry will have a major impact on improving Norway’s environment and will open new opportunities for salmon suppliers around the world.”

After hearing about BluWrap’s interfaces and technological solutions, Strand knew Norway’s salmon business could stand to benefit from it.

“When I first learned about BluWrap’s technology, I immediately believed it could help Norway’s salmon industry double in size in the next decade without impacting the Norwegian landscape or environment,” Strand said. “Having led a major airline and retailer in Norway, I understand the impact and cost of transporting food by air or ground around the world both financially and environmentally. Our government and corporate policy must take action now to change direction to prevent further degradation of our environment.”

BluWrap intends to layer its approach to the Norwegian salmon market, making it inclusive of many of the constituents involved in the growth and oversight of the salmon industry, according to the company. Moreover, BluWrap will apply its experience with Chile’s market and, in conjunction with Strand’s guidance, be able to present what it hopes is a viable, efficient product tailored to Norwegian market’s specifications.

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