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Wired: How Oslo’s best startups are building the future of the Norwegian economy

Norway is one of the world’s richest nations – mostly thanks to the discovery of oil deposits in the North Sea half a century ago. Easy access to capital, coupled with a desire to move the economy beyond fossil fuels, has created fertile ground for startups.

The capital, Oslo, is Norway’s main startup hub, attracting not only local talent but also entrepreneurs from Berlin, London and Stockholm. A report by the Oslo city council claims that, between March 2017 and February 2018, the number of startups in the city grew by nearly 20 per cent, which is faster than in its European rivals.

Many of Oslo’s startups have a hardware focus, developing digitally powered devices that meet specific needs. Here are six startups that caught our eye.

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Bloomberg: A Ship Full of Teslas Is Hotly Awaited in Oslo

Tesla Inc. is set to make one of the largest deliveries yet of its new Model 3 car to Norway, one of the electric-vehicle producer’s biggest markets.

The Glovis Courage is due at the Port of Oslo on Thursday, loaded with about 1,800 Teslas, according to an email sent by the port to businesses located near the dock.

It wasn’t clear how many were Model 3s, but that car has largely outpaced the older Model X and S in new registrations in Norway so far this year. If that’s any indication, most of the cars are likely to be Model 3s

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Oslo Business Region Releases Annual Oslo: State of the City report

On March 5th, Oslo Business region launched their annual Oslo: State of the City report at an event held at Oslo City Hall.

Drawing from a database of more than 500 global indexes spanning 20,000 data points, the report assesses Oslo’s current performance, covering topics such as Oslo’s emerging status in the green economy, startup friendliness, and the city’s performance on diversity.

The report also highlighted Oslo’s rising profile in international rankings, including being named third out of one hundred fifteen cities in INSEAD Business School’s Global Talent Competitiveness Index and being ranked seventh out of sixty-five cities in BAK Basel’s Competitiveness Index.

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