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Kampanje: Kahoot har økt omsetningen med 220 prosent under koronakrisen

I dag slipper Kahoot! Group tall for første kvartal som viser at det norske startup-selskapet har vokst kraftig under koronakrisen. Omsetningen steg me 220 prosent til 6,4 millioner dollar sammenlignet med samme kvartal i fjor.

Antall betalende brukere talte 202.000 i kvartalet. Quiz-tjenesten Kahoot står for 184.000 av dem, mens DragonBox School har hatt 18.000 betalende brukere.

– Dette er ekstraordinære tider for alle. Vi har tatt flere organisatoriske grep for å tilpasse oss den nye hjemmekontor-virkeligheten og for å sikre helsen til våre ansatte. I mars har vi sett en rask og fundamental endring i hvordan digitale verktøy blir brukt av selskaper, organisasjoner, i sosiale sammenhenger og i alle slags utdanningsinstitusjoner, sier administrerende direktør Eilert Hanoa i en børsmelding.

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Kahoot! joins the Microsoft Partner Network and adds integration with Microsoft Teams

In addition to our existing Microsoft single sign-on and two Windows apps, we’re launching an integration with Microsoft Teams. The new “Share with Teams” feature will make it possible to assign Kahoot! challenges as homework directly to groups within Microsoft Teams. Students will receive a notification and teachers can provide feedback – all within Microsoft Teams.

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Wired: How Oslo’s best startups are building the future of the Norwegian economy

Norway is one of the world’s richest nations – mostly thanks to the discovery of oil deposits in the North Sea half a century ago. Easy access to capital, coupled with a desire to move the economy beyond fossil fuels, has created fertile ground for startups.

The capital, Oslo, is Norway’s main startup hub, attracting not only local talent but also entrepreneurs from Berlin, London and Stockholm. A report by the Oslo city council claims that, between March 2017 and February 2018, the number of startups in the city grew by nearly 20 per cent, which is faster than in its European rivals.

Many of Oslo’s startups have a hardware focus, developing digitally powered devices that meet specific needs. Here are six startups that caught our eye.

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TechCrunch: Educational gaming platform Kahoot! acquires math app maker DragonBox for $18M

Kahoot, the popular e-learning platform that provides a range of games to teach subjects (it has described itself as the “Netflix of education”), has made its first acquisition: it has acquired DragonBox, a startup that builds math apps, for $18 million in a combination of cash and shares.

Åsmund Furuseth, Kahoot’s CEO and co-founder, said in an interview that the deal was being done at an uptick to Kahoot’s previous valuation of $376 millon; the bigger company is now creeping up to $400 million.

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