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US News: Norway Named World’s Top Performing Country in Clean Energy Innovation

The top performing country in the world in the field of contributions to global clean energy innovation is Norway, followed closely by Finland and Japan, according to a recent report published by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, a nonprofit public policy think tank based in Washington, D.C.

The United States ranked No. 4 in the ITIF report. Other countries in the top 10: FranceCanadaGermanySouth Korea, the United Kingdom and Denmark.

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Shifter: Stop talking, start innovating: How to achieve success in «Silicon Valley Style»

To gain real returns business leaders must stop talking and start being innovative daily in their actions, decisions and management approaches. In Silicon Valley innovation comes through action.

Jennifer Vessels, founder of Silicon Valley based Next Step, leader of Executive Growth Alliance and speaker.

Talk about innovation is everywhere – in board rooms, conferences, employee meetings and university classes. In 2019, it is estimated that over 10 billion NOK will be spent developing innovation competency in corporations, ministries and society.

And For Norwegian businesses to be innovative, leaders must: Be curious and listen for customer and market needs. Meet with at least one customer, partner or competitor every week. Ask open ended questions and really listen to their concerns and desires. Be open to their ideas and needs to stimulate creative ways to create value.

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