Sons of Norway serves up lutefisk dinner for many

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Sons of Norway serves up lutefisk dinner for many


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Duluth, MN ( — There’s a special dinner item that is enjoyed right here in the Northland during the holidays.
Love it or hate it, it’s a tradition for many.

It’s that time again and Norway Hall is packed.

“We think it’s the best lutefisk dinner in Duluth” said Lutefisk Chef, Kris Eide, and there’s good reason to think that as many items on the menu are just about as authentic as it gets for those wishing to stir up their Nordic roots.

“It’s very authentic, we have about 12 items that people can put on their plate, including mashed peas that I brought home from Norway a week ago in my backpack” said Eide.

The dinner is so good, it draws people from all over the Northland and beyond.

“We knew that the Sons of Norway were having this lutefisk supper, so we had to come here” said Duluth Native Visiting From Florida, Ralph Norland.

and those with the Nordic heritage love to show their appreciation.

The eating of the cod fish prepared in salt and lye goes back generations.

“I’ve had lutefisk my entire life on Christmas Eve, every year, it’s tradition! It goes back a long way and this is very good tonight and the meatballs are excellent, it’s a very good meal” said Patty Miller, who enjoyed her lutefisk thoroughly.

It’s not just the eating of a hearty meal that’s tradition…

“We will be dancing around the Christmas tree, everybody who is here tonight, I will get them up to dance around the tree. We have certain dances we do and we sing songs both in Norwegian and English and nisse will come to visit and that’s the Norwegian Santa Claus” said Eide.

All in a typical Norwegian holiday celebration.

This is the third year the Sons of Norway has hosted the lutefisk dinner.

Source: Northlands News Center

Published: April 22, 2024