Solo to Quench the Thirst of Americans

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Solo to Quench the Thirst of Americans


Category: Food & Beverage

With orange-yellow cars and big billboards, Los Angeles is the venue of choice when Solo – after 77 years on safe ground in Norway – attempts its initial US thrust. CEO Joakim Sande has confidence that Americans will enjoy the Norwegian soda, reports newspaper Dagbladet.

 “We will reach many millions of Americans through good old-fashioned Norwegian teamwork,” said Sande, who says that the company has added a significant amount of marketing effort.

 “Shocking but true: the world’s best soda is yellow. And Norwegian,” reads the slogan on the banners set up on Sunset Boulevard in the film capital this week.

 Sande has even handed out solo bottles at key locations in Los Angeles this week and describes the response as overwhelming. Initially, the project is a marketing push to create publicity for Solo and set the mood for a possible US launch of the soft drink brand.


Source: NTB

Published: July 4, 2011