SkySkopes to bring drones to Norway

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SkySkopes to bring drones to Norway


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A Grand Forks based tech company that recently made Minot home is bridging the Atlantic with drones. At Hostfest Wednesday, SkySkopes and Friendly International Consultants formally agree on the new business relationship.

Drones, bringing Agriculture and energy North Central North Dakota into the 21st Century, also exciting Hostfest attendees.

“Yea, it was pretty cool! I flew it,” says Ian Corcoran, Hostfest Attendees.
“I think it’s a great way to learn how to fly and have some protection where you don’t ruin everything,” says Dwayne Diers, Hostfest Attendees.
“I’m probably going to be a pilot when I grow up,” says Ian Corcoran, Hostfest Attendees.

The team behind SkySkopes didn’t only attend Hostfest show off their toys–they also came to make a huge step toward continuing strong relationships with people an ocean away.

“This is essential another relationship between the state of North Dakota and the city of Minot and the country to Norway. It’s a mutual culture- Scandinavian heritage- and a mutual interest in an industry of UAS,” said Matt Dunlevy, SkySkopes president & CEO.

For Norwegian business development firm Friendly International Consultants, and the Minot tech company, this agreement will be helpful for both countries.

“For us, especially within oil and gas, and also electricity- you know the power lines- inspections and possibly also other areas. The need is just as much in Norway as it is in the US,” said Erling Dahl, Friendly International Consultants chairman.

“Permissions in the country of Norway are great for practice for our pilots being able to fly beyond visual line of sight, because our country does not currently allow those operations. And it’s a way to bridge the Atlantic,” said Dunlevy.

Keeping the Scandinavian roots strong here in the states and the North Dakota spirit in Scandinavia.

Dunlevy says he plans to have the company visit Norway in the next year or two. You can learn more about the company by logging on to their website:

Source: KFYRTV