Silicon Valley is coming to ONS 2018

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Silicon Valley is coming to ONS 2018


Category: Energy

Digitalisation and new technological opportunities will be highlighted throughout ONS 2018. Learn about technological trends from executives in Google, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM at the ONS Conference – and see the latest digital solutions on display in the Digitalisation Zone arena at the ONS Exhibition.

The current wave of digitalisation is transforming the oil and gas industry. Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality and blockchain are challenging existing structures and disrupting the way we work.

Companies are looking ahead and thinking about how digital technologies and data analytics can transform their business. From oil companies to service companies, new digital solutions are being implemented in areas as diverse as geological surveying, drilling and data analytics. The expected result is significant efficiency gains and cost savings.

Will the oil and gas industry be able to leverage the impact of digitalisation and what can we learn from the world’s leading tech-companies?

Industry experts from Google, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM will discuss these emerging technologies, risks related to cyber security and how digital energy platforms can transform the energy industry going forward.

Source: ONS