Invasive measures to limit the spread of covid-19 infection is a challenge to the supply security across all sectors of the Norwegian society, including the defence industry.

– I want to keep a close dialogue and meet with representatives from the defence industry in the very near future to assess the situation and discuss possible further measures, says Norwegian Minister of Defence Frank Bakke-Jensen.

Norwegian authorities are therefore actively targeting efforts to ensure that all critical infrastructure, including the defence sector, can maintain close to normal production levels, which again shores up security of supply both nationally and vis-à-vis allies.

– Norwegian defence industry is essential to support the operations of the Norwegian Armed Forces. In addition, Norwegian defence companies provide important contributions to allied forces and cooperate closely with their foreign counterparts, especially in the US, with regard to development and production of defence materiel. Both we and our allies depend on Norwegian defence industry for our operations and for collective security, says Bakke-Jensen.

The United States and Norway have previously concluded an agreement on security of supply related to defence (Security of Supply Arrangement) which a number of Norwegian defence companies have joined.

– If needed, the Ministry of Defence will initiate measures, within the framework of this agreement, that will contribute to ensure that Norwegian suppliers are able to fulfil their commitments to US customers and partners, the Minister of Defence underlines.

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