Norwegian Government: Maybe New Law on Citizenship by Summer

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Norwegian Government: Maybe New Law on Citizenship by Summer


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State Secretary Kristin Holm Jensen (featured) said the government hopes, but can not promise that a bill on dual citizenship will be presented for parliament this summer.

Norwegians Worldwide has previously written about how the Storting have called for a new bill on dual citizenship as soon as possible.

On the question of progress in the legislative work, the Ministry of Education answers that they now take the time to review the hearing proposals submitted:

– The ministry is now going through hundreds of consultation statements and will propose a new law to the Storting as soon as possible. We hope to be able to present a law proposal during the summer, but this has not been finally clarified, says Secretary of State Kristin Holm Jensen (Conservative) to Norwegians Worldwide.

In parliament this fall?

The answer can be bad news for anyone hoping for a quick decision on double citizenship. The parliamentary hectic spring season will end on 15 June, and if the proposal is not promoted until summer it is unlikely that a bill is being processed before the parliament reopens in October.

Norwegians Worldwide is worried that the legislative work takes too much time and hopes for progress so that a new law can be dealt in parliament with before the summer vacation:– It’s urgent

– Norwegians Worldwide wants dual citizenship enacted as quickly as possible. To many Norwegians abroad, it is urgent to resolve this matter. We therefore hope that the ministry will give priority to getting a new law to the Storting immediately, says Secretary General Hanne K. Aaberg in Norwegians Worldwide.