Norway and the USA have signed a memorandum of cooperation in the area of transport

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Norway and the USA have signed a memorandum of cooperation in the area of transport


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On Thursday evening, Ketil Solvik-Olsen, Minister of Transport and Communications, and Anthony Foxx, US Secretary of Transportation, signed a memorandum of cooperation on exchange of knowledge, technology and experience in the area of transport.

‘Norway and the USA have both in their own way taken innovative steps towards a more modern and environmentally friendly transport system. Both countries are engaged in the development of vehicle and communications technology, as well as intelligent transport systems in smart cities. We have further items on the list of issues on which our two countries can and should collaborate,’ says Ketil Solvik Olsen, Minister of Transport and Communications.

The memorandum was signed at Holmenkollen Restaurant in Oslo. The US Secretary of Transport is visiting Oslo in connection with the Norwegian Government’s conference Transport of tomorrow.

The content of the memorandum

The memorandum provides a basis for identifying transport issues on which Norway and the USA can collaborate.

‘Mutual learning about intelligent transport systems in smart cities, exchange of personnel between our two countries’ transport authorities, and technological collaboration are examples of possible areas of cooperation,’ Solvik-Olsen states.

‘The development towards remote-controlled ATC towers in aviation and pilot studies of autonomous vessel operations in Norwegian coastal areas provide further examples of areas in which Norway is at the cutting edge, and where a collaboration with the Americans could be of interest,’ the Minister of Transport and Communications concludes.

Read the memorandum here