Norway Acts to Boost National Shipping

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Norway Acts to Boost National Shipping


Category: Government

The Norwegian Government implemented a new salary scheme for seafarers from July 1 which means that companies employing Norwegian seafarers on Norwegian International Ship Register (NIS) vessels will be reimbursed all added salary taxes.

Two years ago, the government implemented a new regime for Norwegian cadets, and in combination with the net salary scheme, this is expected to be effective in developing the maritime competence for the nation.

“The maritime industry is an important driving force in the Norwegian economy. This is an industry where Norway has leading competence,” said Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry, Monica Mæland. “It is important to provide competitive conditions in order to ensure that Norwegian seafarers retain this competence in the future.”

Senior Vice President of Odfjell Tankers, Harald Fotland, welcomes the new net salary scheme: “This is very good news not only for Norwegian seafarers, but also for the broad Norwegian shipping industry, for the Norwegian maritime cluster and for Odfjell with our large contingent of Norwegian seafarers in international trade.”

Odfjell is embracing the new cadet scheme by enrolling a selection of cadets for a trial period in 2017/18. “I believe that a competitive shipping industry is crucial for the vitality of the broader local trade industry in a demanding international market,” said Fotland.

“I also believe that the new government initiated salary scheme will lead to increased interest in the Norwegian International Register, as the Norwegian flag is a prerequisite for qualifying. Odfjell has recently taken over Bow Architect, and has decided that this will fly the Norwegian NIS flag.

“Many other shipping companies will probably make similar considerations,” says Fotland.

Source: Maritime Executive