Nammo Receives F-35 Contract

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Nammo Receives F-35 Contract


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RAUFOSS, Norway — The Nammo Group has signed a contract with the Norwegian Armed Forces to provide services and supplies to prepare the integration of the 25 mm APEX next-generation multi-role ammunition for the F-35A

APEX – Unique Ammunition
APEX is the next generation fighter ammunition with unique capabilities to defeat air, sea and land targets. Until now, competing types of ammunition have been developed for a limited range of targets. The development of APEX ammunition positions Nammo as a supplier of munitions for the F-35 fighter aircraft, as it meets the F-35 multi-role require-ments.

The Contract
The signed contract has a value of 170 MNOK, of which the Norwegian Armed Forces will absorb 145 MNOK of the costs while Nammo will contribute the remaining 25 MNOK. Nammo shall supply a significant amount of rounds for performance tests; prepare the analysis and the docu-mentation. The 25 mm TP-T test round with Reduced Ricochet Risk (RRR) will also be prepared for integration. This test round incorporates a unique capability which holds the same ballistics as the live ammunition.

Development for Joint Capacity
Nammo began the development of 25 mm APEX in 2006 and has recently completed a successful ground qualification of the ammunition.

Development and qualification of APEX are currently executed via a partnership between Nammo and the Norwegian Defense Logistics Organization (NDLO), where the customer’s operational requirements form the basis for all development. Nammo’s short and long term objective is for APEX to become a joint capacity for all the F-35 partner countries.

<<The next phase will be an air-to-ground qualification of the ammunition. The US Navy is also interested in qualifying the APEX for the F-35, B and C versions”, says Vegard Sande, COO at Nammo Raufoss AS.

For APEX to become a joint capability for all partner countries as well as the different versions of the F-35, collaboration between Nammo and national industry in the partner nations is required.

Source: Globe Newswire

Published: April 19, 2024