mHealth Study by Boston Consulting and Telenor

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mHealth Study by Boston Consulting and Telenor


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Around the world, healthcare systems are overburdened, costly and incapable of meeting the needs of a growing population. According to a new study from The Boston Consulting Group and Telenor Group, mobile health technology can offer sizeable benefits to all countries, lead to economic growth and promise a better life for individuals.

Among the key findings:

  • The necessary infrastructure is already in everyone’s hands: 7.4 billion mobile subscriptions projected by 2015
  • The technology richness and network capacity is sufficient, both on simple feature phones and on smart devices
  • Currently, more than 500 mobile health projects are taking place around the world
  • Costs in elderly care can be reduced by 25% with mobile healthcare
  • Maternal and perinatal mortality can be reduced by 30%
  • Twice as many rural patients can be reached per doctor
  • Tuberculosis treatment compliance can be improved by 30-70%
  • 30% of smartphone users are likely to use “wellness apps” by 2015
  • Costs related to data collection can be reduced by 24%
  • Smartphone is the most popular technology among doctors since the stethoscope

Source: Telenor

Published: June 21, 2024