Medtronic: Leaning into change

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Medtronic: Leaning into change


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Lights from Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing and New York’s Times Square pulse to empty streets and echoes of ambulance sirens. The bustle of workplaces and neighborhood school yards remain quiet as we retreat to makeshift home offices and improvised virtual classrooms. Sheltering in place feels like the world is on pause — but that is far from the truth.

No individual, industry, or country was ready for coronavirus. Traditional systems continue to buckle under the strains of disruption, forcing years of change in a matter of months. Every day, doctors and nurses don their armor of latex, plexiglass, and cotton. They’re backed by supporters big and small: from manufacturing and healthcare companies, to parents-turned-mask-makers, and 3D printing entrepreneurs.

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Source: Medtronic

Published: June 1, 2020