Laerdal Medical Wins Oslo Business for Peace Award

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Laerdal Medical Wins Oslo Business for Peace Award


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Tore Lærdal, Executive Chairman of Laerdal Medical, was one of three honorees awarded the Oslo Business for Peace Award at Oslo City Hall on Tuesday evening.

Business for Peace

Tore Lærdal accompanied by Sarah Beydoun (left) and Dr Jennifer Nkuene Riria (right), presenting their awards during the award ceremony at Oslo City Hall. (Photo: Olav Heggø/Business for Peace)

The award is presented annually to leaders who exemplify the concept of being business-worthy by ethically and responsibly creating economic value as well as value for society.

Receiving the award at Oslo City Hall in front several hundreds of attendees, including HRH Crown Prince Håkon of Norway, Lærdal emphasized on how Laerdal Medical strives to provide affordable products to help save lives at birth in poor countries.

Aiming to save 500,000 lives per year by the year 2020, Laerdal Medical along with its partners, have proved to be an example of how linking business to a wider social purpose can create exceptional results- for both business and society.

Also receiving the Oslo Business for Peace Award, along with Lærdal, was Sarah Beydoun and Dr Jennifer Nkuene Riria.

Beydoun, who is the founder of Sarah’s Bag, a company that has achieved international success based on a business model that includes social rehabilitation for underprivileged women in Lebanon.

Nkuene Riria, who is Group CEO of Kenya Women Holding, has led Kenya Women Microfinance Bank for over two decades. A bank granting loans to marginalized women and their families, disbursing over 2.3 billion dollars over a period of the last 20 years.

Oslo-based Foundation

The foundation was initiated to encourage leaders to be business-worthy. A phrase coined by the Business for Peace Foundation, to inspire persons to identify with the win-win mindset that combines profits with a higher purpose.

Based in Oslo and gaining increasing international support, it celebrates its ten-year anniversary in 2016, and aims to be highest form of recognition given by society to individual business leaders for their business-worthy accomplishments.

In 2016, the award committee included the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Ouided Bouchamaoui, who is the president of one of the four organizations that forms the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet.

Award criteria

The Business for Peace Foundation, which aims to utilize business as a problem solver, highlights honorees who have acted as an example to society and their peers, by showing how to achieve success through ethical and responsible business practices.

Furthermore, the honorees should advocate ethical and responsible business principles, and be trusted by the communities which they affect.


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