Laerdal Medical: Diversity as an asset in business

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Laerdal Medical: Diversity as an asset in business


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An enthusiastic group of international staff at Laerdal Medical met Rosenkilden for a quick chat about the importance of diversity. Laerdal Medical in Norway has 400 employees from 40 countries.

98 of the employees have a different passport to the red one with ‘Norway’ written on the cover. Laerdal has offices in 25 countries and is all together around 1400 employees.

Laerdal was founded in 1940 as a small publishing house and has become an internationally known company dedicated to the mission of Helping Save Lives.

Through increasing survival from cardiac arrest, improving patient safety, and reducing risk at birth, the goal of the company is to help save 500,000 more lives every year by 2020. The company vision is that “no one should die or be disabled unnecessarily during birth or from sudden illness.”

You will find equipment from Laerdal Medical pretty much all over the world, and there are many reasons to be proud of this native Stavanger company.

Laerdal Medical has over the years, won many awards for their innovation abilities and their mission driven research.

There are always opportunities for further improvement, but our mission and our shared desire in helping their partners and customers in saving lives, aligns and motivates the organization. It is obvious that the drive and mission of the company make them different from a traditional business.

We invited ourselves to meet Arne Seglem Larsen, the Corporate HR Director, and asked him to bring some employees along for input regarding the importance of diversity. Laerdal Medical is a popular employer and turnover is low.

“We see benefits in diversity by many means, including cultural and language diversity” says Seglem Larsen.

“As all companies, we strive to attract the best employees. However, we probably more than others see the benefit employees with alternative background and education can offer. We have activities, partners and customers all over the world.

By having this diversity within the Stavanger office, we are continuously reminded about the challenges and opportunities this global reach offers. Seglem Larsen underlines that cultural awareness and experience are important skills in Laerdal’s business.

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Source: Rosenkilden