Judge Rules for AP in Copyright Suit against Meltwater

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Judge Rules for AP in Copyright Suit against Meltwater


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The AP sued the company that monitors the media for corporate customers last year, alleging that it copies AP content and sells it to clients without paying AP licensing fees.

“This ruling makes it crystal clear that Meltwater wrongly used news content from AP to create its own content, while paying none of the costs associated with creating original news content,” said Gary Pruitt, AP’s president and CEO.

“This is an important ruling for AP and others in the news business who work so hard to provide high-quality original news reports on which the public relies,” Mr. Pruitt said.

In a statement issued Thursday, San Francisco-based Meltwater said it was disappointed and promised an appeal.

“We’re considering all of our options, but we look forward to having this decision reviewed by the Court of Appeals, which we are confident will see the case a different way,” said Jorn Lyseggen, Meltwater’s founder and chief executive.

Meltwater was founded in 2001 in Oslo, Norway. According to the company’s website, it has more than 800 employees working in 55 offices around the world. The company says it monitors more than 162,000 online publications for its clients.

Source: Financial Post

Published: February 1, 1970