Innovation Norway Program for GoM Entry

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Innovation Norway Program for GoM Entry


Category: Energy

FRAM Market US Gulf of Mexico is a new Innovation Norway project for companies within the oil and gas sector seeking to approach the US Gulf of Mexico. The program is aimed at the geographical market of the Gulf of Mexico (GoM), with Houston as the main hub.

The project prepares a situation analysis, and contributes to a safer and faster implementation of the company’s international ambitions for the GoM market. Main focus of the project is to clarify the go-to-market strategy for each company in order to facilitate commercial operations and agreements.

Participants of the project are offered assistance from external business consultants in Norway and in the US, access to entrepreneurs that successfully commercialized Norwegian companies in the US GoM market, advisors in the US, unique market information/data and one to one meetings with potential customers and partners.

A group of around ten companies will be selected for the program. The companies will meet as a group at a seminar in Norway to prepare for visits to Houston. The visits in Houston are estimated to be one week each time. For companies to be able to share and discuss experiences from the first Houston visit, there will be held one meeting in Norway between the first and second visit. Companies participating in the program will be an important network arena for professional refueling and an area for exchange of experience.

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Source: Innovation Norway

Published: May 8, 2014