IBM Wins $1B Cloud Infrastructure Contract from EVRY

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IBM Wins $1B Cloud Infrastructure Contract from EVRY


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International Business Machines Corporation IBM signed a $1 billion long-term partnership contract with EVRY, an IT services company based in Nordics. The agreement spanning over a period of 10 years is yet to be approved by Norwegian Competition Authorities.

Per the contract, IBM will be the leading cloud infrastructure services provider for EVRY. This implies that IBM will upgrade EVRY’s existing infrastructure to meet the growing digital requirements and improve its business operations and customer experience.

IBM’s services will enable EVRY to provide a flexible and scalable hybrid cloud infrastructure to its customers across various domains. Additionally, in 2016, IBM will also extend cloud infrastructure services to EVRY from its SoftLayer division.

IBM’s offerings are expected to enhance EVRY’s development of value-added solutions and services. It will also benefit from IBM’s technological prowess and global expertise.

Advance infrastructure solutions from IBM will also add to EVRY’s customer experiences by speeding up its time-to-market. Further, a strong cloud-based infrastructure will not only allow EVRY’s customers to have more flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions but will also make the process much more easier.
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Source: Nasdaq

Published: January 10, 2015