How We Grew In 2023: StormGeo Shipping Product Updates – StormGeo

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How We Grew In 2023: StormGeo Shipping Product Updates – StormGeo


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Taking a look back at 2023, it has been a year filled with growth for the StormGeo community. As we rush into leading innovation in maritime technology for 2024, let’s reflect on our 2023 milestones and sneak a peek at what is coming in the new year.

Where StormGeo focused on innovation in 2023:
We enabled our customers to escalate their decarbonization strategy, with both compliance and profitability in mind.
We made data validation and sharing even more streamlined to enhance decision-making across multiple stakeholders.
We invested in empowering our customers to shape the future of our growth by embedding their feedback in our development roadmap.

More data-driven decarbonization strategies
While the shipping industry in 2023 was navigating decarbonization through new regulations and a sense of uncertainty, we focused on making shipping professionals feel more confident in a volatile landscape. For that reason, we prioritized combining our people’s expertise with technology to deliver solutions that go beyond AI and put the human factor at the core of our product. The result of it? A complete suite built by Regulations, Technology, and Shipping experts to help shipping companies develop, implement, and optimize their environmental strategy based on accurate data and actionable insights.

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