Forbes: Why Scandinavians Are So Good At English

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Forbes: Why Scandinavians Are So Good At English


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By David Nikel

Swedes have the best non-native English skills in the world, according to the eighth edition of the EF English Proficiency Index. Sweden’s Scandinavian siblings Norway and Denmark also place in the top five.

Of course, anyone who’s visited Sweden, Norway or Denmark won’t be surprised by the findings. While there are plenty of problems visiting the region – not least the epic price tags – communication isn’t one of them.

Norwegian, Swedish and Danish all have their roots in Old Norse and a speaker of one has a default capability to at least understand the other two languages. But the Scandinavians’ language ability doesn’t stop there. Virtually all are fluent in English too.

Find out why Scandinavians have become so proficient in English by reading the whole article HERE.

Source: Forbes