EU Pitches Transatlantic Agenda to Incoming US Administration

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EU Pitches Transatlantic Agenda to Incoming US Administration


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On December 2, the European Commission released an 11 page paper proposing a “new EU-US agenda for global change.” The paper proposes cooperation on four priorities:

  • COVID-19 and other emerging health challenges 
  • Climate change/sustainability 
  • Trade and technology policy 
  • Multilateral institutions and democracy

The paper is grounded in the premise that the combined weight of the transatlantic relationship is indispensable to solving global challenges (a theme frequently mentioned by the Biden campaign and transition team). In addition to broad principles, the paper flags a series of proposed “First Steps” to advance this agenda. Though the overall tone is ambitious in some areas, it stops well short of any kind of TTIP relaunch in terms of economic policy. The paper also argues that a more “autonomous” and “sovereign” Europe makes for a better partner for the United States. 

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Source: European Union

Published: February 12, 2020