EGA Circle: Employee Engagement and Development in New Normal

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EGA Circle: Employee Engagement and Development in New Normal


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EGA Circle: Employee Engagement and Development in New Normal

As the COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated, change can happen – quickly and unexpectantly. Leaders and employees alike have adapted rapidly – learning new tools, creating alternative routines for work and life and maintaining productivity.

Now as we move past crisis into a ‘new normal’, many leaders are seeking new ways to motivate employees to continue adapting and delivering. At the same time, some organizations directly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis need to either restructure, retrain, reduce or hire staff with different skills. For all AmCham members, moving to the “New Normal” requires different approaches to Employee Development, Retention, Reduction, or Recruitment.

To facilitate AmCham members’ success engaging and developing employees for growth in the New Normal, EGA, the Executive Growth Alliance, offers a special peer collaboration circle for AmCham members.

EGA is global community that connects Open, Committed, Brave Leaders for future success. Through proven peer learning methodology (facilitated via a leading-edge virtual platform) members collaborate and gain inspiration as they address common challenges.

For this special AmCham Employee Engagement Circle,  AmCham member leaders who qualify by June 30 will be invited to join the EGA AmCham Circle for 3 months at a special rate of 6000 NOK (versus a standard 12,000 NOK / quarter rate for standard EGA Group Membership). 

Membership in the EGA Employee Engagement in the New Normal will provide:

  • Participation in three Exec Growth Circles to collaborate with 6-10 global peers (speakers / thought leaders in the Nordics, Europe or US) on common challenges, needs and future opportunities. During each 2-hour Executive Growth Circle virtual forum on the purpose-built Circles platform, the EGA certified Catalyst will facilitate discussion of real world cases, key learnings, and actions proven to deliver Employee Engagement in today’s environment.
  • Access to global resources, connections and ideas for future-readiness.

Contact Jennifer Vessels of EGA for more information.

Source: Executive Growth Alliance