DXC Technology: Nordic Digitalization Study

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DXC Technology: Nordic Digitalization Study


Category: Technology

Digitalization is changing the world fundamentally: customer expectations, business models, value chains – no element will remain unaffected. Everyone seems to agree the pace is increasing rapidly, but how far is the Nordic region in adapting to a digital agenda?

In this ‘Digital Agenda 2020’ study, we have asked decision makers across the four Nordic countries; Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden to provide an insight into their organizations’ progression in building a digital strategy and adapting to market alterations. The amendments are not in the distance future. According to our survey, 77% of the participants say the business environment is already changing.

The survey focusses entirely on practice: what are the strategies that companies pursue in order to handle the digital transformation? How do businesses proceed; what bits of their digital agenda are particularly important for specific objectives, and in what industries and for which company sizes? You will also find inspiring case studies on how other organizations have initiated their digital transformation journeys.

Download our study today. If you want to know more about our findings or how DXC can support your organization’s digital journey, fill out the contact form in order to get your consultation.

Source: DXC Technology