DNV GL: Energy Transition Outlook

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DNV GL: Energy Transition Outlook


Category: Automobile / Transport

At a time of uncertainty for energy stakeholders, the Energy Transition Outlook provides a balanced forecast of our energy future through to 2050, from an organization with an equal footing in fossil and renewable energy.

Group President & CEO Remi Eriksen says, “Profound changes in the energy mix await us, and more than 70% of our business is related to energy in one or other form. That is why we have launched a project to model the energy transition, and to produce impactful, world-class reports on the nature, timing and industry implications of the transition. An independent, expert view – no wishful thinking – on the energy transition is a critical exercise both for ourselves and our customers.”

  • Is it possible to build a ‘central case’ for the coming energy transition?
  • What is the world’s forecast energy mix in 2050?
  • Will efficiencies see a decoupling of energy from economic growth?
  • Will humanity’s total energy use peak by mid-century?
  • What is likely to be the largest primary energy source in 2050: Oil? Gas? PV? Wind?
  • How will the energy transition play out in the world’s main regions?
  • What are the implications of the transition for oil & gas? And for renewables?
  • Where will investment be needed?
  • Are we on track for the Paris Agreement?

Please read the full report HERE.

Source: DNV GL