DESI report: Norway #2 on digitalization in Europe

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DESI report: Norway #2 on digitalization in Europe


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Norway retains top two spot in 2017 EU ranking. According to the EUs 2017 Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), Norway has the second most advanced digital economy in Europe, only beaten by neighboring Denmark. Norway also placed second in 2016.

– Digitization is a top priority for the Norwegian government, says Trond Helge Bårdsen, ICT Counsellor at Norway’s EU Mission.

Though not an EU member, Norway is part of the EU digital single market through the EEA Agreement, and therefore included in the rankings.

– It’s important to be included in the index. It gives an idea of how our country is evolving digitally compared to other countries, says Bårdsen.

Norwegians are early movers

– Norwegians are quick to adopt new technology, and digital services such as eGovernment and online payment services are highly trusted by the Norwegian population, says Bårdsen.

– Norway also has well-developed infrastructure that makes it possible for most of the population, including small and medium-sized enterprises, to participate in the digital transformation. As a small and open economy, with relatively high labor costs, ICT and the use of technology is key to creating new jobs and enhance competitiveness in the future.

Why Norway scores high

  • Full 4G coverage: Norway has 100 percent 4G coverage, compared with an 84 percent EU average.
  • Leader in internet users: 96 percent of the population use the internet.
  • Leading position in online banking: 94 percent of the Norwegian population pay their bills online, compared with 59 percent in the EU28.
  • Intensive readers of online news: 94 percent of the population read news on the internet, compared with 70 percent in the EU.
  • High use of e-invoicing and cloud computing: Norway scores well in business digitization, in particular on e-invoicing and cloud computing – 29 and 19 percentage points above the EU average, respectively.

Norway’s Country Profile

The index summarizes some 30 relevant indicators on Europe’s digital performance and tracks the evolution of EU Member States, across the following five dimensions:

  • Connectivity
  • Human capital/Digital skills
  • Use of Internet
  • Integration of Digital Technology by businesses
  • Digital Public Services

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