Costco Will Buy Most Farmed Salmon From Norway

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Costco Will Buy Most Farmed Salmon From Norway


Category: Seafood

Costco is switching the bulk of its fresh farmed salmon purchases from Chile to Norway — a move that’s sending tremors through the global fishing industry due to the warehouse club’s gargantuan needs.

The South American country now provides Costco with about 90 percent of its farmed Atlantic salmon, and Norway just 10 percent. But starting in June, Norway will fulfill about 60 percent of Costco’s needs with antibiotic-free salmon, with Chile accounting for the remainder, said Jeff Lyons, the senior Costco executive in charge of fresh foods, in an interview.

Costco purchases some 600,000 pounds of salmon filet per week, according to Lyons. That’s close to 10 percent of all U.S. Atlantic salmon imports from Chile.

The decision, according to Lyons, is the result of an unusual alignment of geopolitical, financial and market trends.

Source: The Seattle Times

Published: June 19, 2024