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Norwegians Worldwide: When Can I Apply for Dual Citizenship?


Category: Culture / Lifestyle

Many people ask us when they will be able to regain their Norwegian citizenship. There’s still a way to go, but here’s an overview of the process ahead so you can prepare. The work on changing the law and allowing dual citizenship is in the pipeline. It’s still unclear when such a change will be […]

Source: Norwegians World Wide


Nordic Aquafarms Plans Salmon Hatchery in Belfast, Maine


Category: Seafood

Norway-based Nordic Aquafarms will develop one of the largest land-based salmon farms, 39 miles southwest of Bangor, on 40 acres near Belfast, Maine. The area has abundant access to sea- and freshwater resources that provide a good match with land-based aquaculture requirements, company officials said. Maine was chosen for its pristine location, cold water conditions, its […]

Source: Area Development


Ambassador’s Blog: Norway to Take Lead on Sustainable Ocean Economy


Category: Government

By Kåre R. Aas, Ambassador of Norway to the United States. “What would we have done without the sea – should we have carried the boats?” This old joke among fishermen in northern Norway tells us something about the importance of the oceans — for the fishermen themselves, obviously, but also for the rest of us. At the World Economic Forum in Davos last […]



Western Europe’s Biggest Oil Producer Is Getting Another Fix


Category: Energy

A rally in the price of black gold is giving Norway another fix. With crude back at $70 a barrel, and a petroleum industry that cut costs to the bone after the oil crash, the stage is now set for another boom. But the good times could hamper Prime Minister Erna Solberg’s main aim of […]

Source: Bloomberg


Summary: AmCham Digitalization Forum – January 18

Category: AmCham News

How can companies best spark an innovative mindset? Helping to kick-off HP’s Teknologidagen conference at Scandic Fornebu, invited AmCham member company leaders gathered for open discussion on this premise for successful implementation of digital initiatives. After a welcome by host Verner Hølleland, HP Norway’s Managing Director, California-based Andrew Bolwell outlined global megatrends. Heading up HP’s […]

Source: AmCham

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