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Norsk Olje & Gass’ Investeringsprognose: Vil Øke Mot 2020


Category: Energy

Norsk olje og gass’ ferske investeringsprognose viser at aktiviteten i olje og gass tar seg opp. Investeringsbunnen nås i 2018 og investeringene vil stige mot 2020. SE PRESENTASJONEN FRA FREMLEGGELSEN HER Økte investeringer skyldes en lang rekke nye prosjekt som nå blir startet. Det må gjøres nye funn for å unngå fall i investeringene fra 2021 […]

Source: Norsk Olje og Gass


Facebook to Start Paying Taxes Locally, Instead of Through Ireland


Category: Tax

Facebook Inc. is changing its tax structure so that it will pay taxes in the country where sales are made, rather than funneling everything through its Irish subsidiary. The company said it will move to a “local selling structure” in countries where it has an office to support sales to local advertisers. Menlo Park, California-based Facebook shifted its […]

Source: Bloomberg


12 outstanding Oslo start-ups to watch in 2018


Category: IP & Innovation

Norway’s capital city, Oslo, is home to a thriving start-up ecosystem that captures the best of Scandinavian ingenuity and originality. As well as a buzzing start-up scene, Norwegian capital Oslo is considered a marvel of the technology world for a number of reasons. The nation – made particularly wealthy because, unlike Ireland, it did not […]

Source: Silicon Republic


Buyout of KKR’s investment in Visma wins Mergermarket’s European ‘Deal of the Year’


Category: Technology

KKR, a leading global investment firm, was proud to be awarded ‘Deal of the Year’ at Mergermarket’s European M&A awards for the sale of its stake in Visma in June 2017. The deal was the largest ever software buyout in Europe, with four investors purchasing KKR’s stake in the business, valuing Visma at $5.3bn.  The […]

Source: KKR


Summary: Digitalization Forum – December

Category: AmCham News

How can a company be more successful through digitalization? Should we think “how can I solve this problem for a customer” or “I have created the technology, how can I sell it?” “Uber was created when someone wanted to share the cost of a taxi, not by someone who desperately wanted to disrupt the industry,” […]

Source: AmCham

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