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Norks Grudersatsning i USA


Category: Financial / Investment

Stian Rustad har gravd dypt i egen lommebok for å sette USA-drømmen ut i spill. Med 200 millioner av egne midler satser sky-gründeren friskt for å erobre et av verdens viktigste markeder. Det er ERP-løsningen 24sevenoffice Rustad har klokketro på. 44-åringen var i sin tid med å starte skyselskapet som skal ha vært et av de […]

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DNV GL creates new 1,000 strong Digitial Division


Category: IP & Innovation

DNV GL establishes a dedicated Digital Solutions organization by consolidating its digital business across the Group, to be headed by Elisabeth Heggelund Tørstad. DNV GL is creating a specialized Digital Solutions organization, consisting of 1,000 digital experts, to leverage the full potential of an increasingly digital world.  The company has been a digital pioneer since […]

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Statoil achieves climate target two years ahead of schedule


Category: Energy

Statoil has already achieved its 2015 target of reducing the annual CO2 emissions from the Norwegian continental shelf by 1.2 million tonnes from 2008 to 2020. The reduction equals the emissions from some 600 000 private cars annually, or almost every fourth car on Norwegian roads. “It is essential that we take strong and effective […]

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Norway Signals Earlier Tightening in Bet Inflation Will Recover

Category: Business News

Norway’s central bank indicated it could raise interest rates sooner than earlier anticipated after taking stock of the country’s improved economic outlook and growing signs of tightening by its counterparts around the world.  Despite inflation remaining well below target, Norges Bank kept its key policy rate at 0.50 percent (where it’s been since March 2016) while revising […]

Source: Bloomberg


Summary: AmCham Digitalization Forum – September

Category: AmCham News

Technology can be used in a smart way so companies can focus on streamlining strategic operations – not simply downsizing. This sentiment played a theme throughout AmCham’s latest digitalization forum. Hosted by public relations and communications firm Burson-Marsteller, 22 AmCham member directors from a range of companies and industries discussed what the term ‘digitalization’ actually […]

Source: AmCham

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