Can the US Outrun the European Mess?

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Can the US Outrun the European Mess?


Category: Financial / Investment

The former Chief Economist for HSBC Securities, Inc. in NY, USA, and now Chief U.S. Economist at the High Frequency Economics in New York talked at a seminar at BI Norwegian Business School Wednesday 11th of April with the headline; “The race is on: Can the U.S. outrun th European Mess?”

At HSBC his views on the U.S. economy and markets guided the company’s senior decision-makers and clients around the world. Now he is providing institutional investors with independent analysis of the global markets.

After his presentation Wednesday 11th of April Mr. Shepherdson made a brief interview talking about economic trends in the US economy and the upcoming US President election.

Source: BI Norwegian Business School

Published: November 4, 2012