AmCham Norway Member Company Profile: ReputationInc

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AmCham Norway Member Company Profile: ReputationInc


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A leading strategic reputation management company, ReputationInc recently opened an Oslo-based office, as they aim to help clients leverage their reputation for superior performance through advanced reputation management programs. An approach proved very effective in both the UK and the US.


ReputationInc began as a vision in 2002 when the CEO John Mahony and other founding partners noticed a lack of balance between reputation strategy and business strategy.

Out of this observation became what is today ReputationInc. Now a world leading expert management consultancy, they are at the forefront of leveraging reputation for enhanced business success.

With offices in London, Dublin, New York and Oslo, ReputationInc operates globally through its network of local specialists.

“We’ve been making a tangible difference to Scandinavian clients’ ability to leverage reputation for enhanced organizational success for some time.

“In opening our Oslo office last year, we are now better placed to serve local clients and grow in the region.” Managing Partner in Norway, Dennis Larsen says.

The company takes a different approach to the challenges businesses face- embedding reputation into business decision making and strategy processes.

Dennis Larsen, ReputationInc

Dennis Larsen, ReputationInc

When it comes to insight – one of ReputationInc’s key areas of expertise – they believe that in order to nurture and grow your reputation as a business, you must first understand it.

ReputationInc delves into figuring what is important to stakeholders in a company and how they may perceive the business. Using this information, businesses can help better plan for the future.

“It’s essential to gather the right information, often mining existing insights, and to analyze this in a forward looking way to tailor a strategies and tactics in close client partnership.

“This is an area in which we have unparalleled experience and expertise across multiple industries and we recognize a gap in the Norwegian and Scandinavian market for this niche service,” Larsen says.


Continuously being at the forefront means continuous innovation. The company has recently launched an overarching ‘Reputation Intelligence System’ with at its heart a new reputation analytics product called CoreRep+™.

Another fundamental area they focus on is capability. With reputation being a critical success factor of business performance, the company works to build the right skills, capabilities and mindsets amongst leaders and the wider business through tailored capability modules.

This ranges from individual coaching to larger audience eLearning.

It is with these principles and competencies in mind that ReputationInc has expanded to Norway this past year. It leverages learnings from recognized leading firms from both sides of the Atlantic and believes that developments in Scandinavia has now led to a need to offer this type of reputational consulting to local businesses.

ReputationInc special advisor Professor Peggy Simcic Brønn has that that she is “pleased to see a fresh perspective on reputation in the Norwegian market.”

ReputationInc offers free consultation session to new clients in Oslo and is a member of AmCham Norway since 2016.

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