AmCham Norway Member Company Profile: Polaris’ — Ideal Norway Machines

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AmCham Norway Member Company Profile: Polaris’ — Ideal Norway Machines


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With 52 dealerships across Norway, Polaris has enjoyed a steady revenue increase since their introduction to the Norwegian market in the 1980’s. Combining off-road vehicles and American muscle, they provide the ideal machines for Norwegian terrain and nature.

Founded in Minnesota in 1954, Polaris is the market-leading ATV and snowmobile provider in Norway. Having added some further exciting products to their selection along the way, the portfolio of the world’s leading producers of off-road vehicles now boasts Indian Motorcycles and an jaw-dropping motorized toy.


Having established the company in Norway in 2002 due to the growing market in Scandinavia, Polaris’ snowmobiles come in six different models, tailored to the customer’s needs. The Titan — a beast of a machine — is a crossover model, which, along with the Switchback, are some of the most versatile snowmobiles on the market.


Photo: Polaris

“These are able to get up any mountain, regardless of conditions,” says Martin Haglev, Marketing Manager Scandinavia at Polaris.

“We have other models that are primarily for speed or acceleration, but the Titan and Switchback are mostly used in Norwegian conditions. Whether it is to get up slopes for skiing, for work-related purposes or to get to the cabin.”


“Many of our ATVs are used for customers covering long distances in rougher terrain than the roads, such as farmers, hunters or reindeer owners in Finnmark,” Haglev says, showing one of their most popular models, designed to overcome the most extraordinary topographies.

“We produce ATVs with both wheels and belts, although this one with a belt is practically unstoppable.”

Indian Motorcycles

Polaris purchased America’s first motorcycle company – with roots back to 1901 – Indian Motorcycles in 2011. For generations, the Indian motorcycle dominated the flat track circuit and after 60 years away from the sport they returned in 2017, winning the American Flat Track Championships.


Photo: Polaris

The Indian Roadmaster however, is anything but a racing cycle and more of a premium touring machine, packed with technology and luxury features.

“It offers riders and passengers unmatched luxury and premium features like a power-adjustable windscreen, heated grips, individually controlled heated seats for driver and passenger, ABS, TPMS, keyless ignition with remote locking storage, electronic cruise control and adjustable passenger floorboards,” Haglev says.

The Slingshot!

At first glance, the Polaris Slingshot looks like a cross between the Batmobile and a snowmobile. Registered as a motorcycle, each of the three tires supports about a third of the vehicles weight.

“This is more a toy than anything else, and will most certainly make some heads turn as you drive by. I’ve experienced people stopping in the middle of road crossings to take a picture of me while driving it,” Haglev says.

With 173 horsepower and weighing only 763 kilos, the 2.4 liter, four-cylinder GM motor has been unofficially recorded at 4.6 seconds from 0-100 km/h.


Photo: Polaris

Polaris’ Norway office is based in Askim. The company has been a proud member of AmCham since 2010.

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