AmCham Member Profile: Eimskip – fulfilling North Atlantic trade

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AmCham Member Profile: Eimskip – fulfilling North Atlantic trade


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Fulfilling North Atlantic trade for over a century, Eimskip’s expertise in these rough seas connects Norwegian goods to the global market.


Iceland’s largest shipping carrier — with 63 offices in 20 countries — utilizes seven vessels along the Norwegian coastline to meet the global demand for Norwegian products.

When AmCham visited, we were invited to board a leased cargo vessel due for a pitstop in Denmark that, unlike all other Eimskip-owned ships, was not named after Icelandic waterfalls.

A leading transportation company in the North Atlantic with connections to international markets, Eimskip specializes in worldwide freight forwarding services, with the vision of providing excellence in transportation solutions and service.


Arne Gjeksrud and Tom Espen Svendsen giving AmCham a tour of the vessel.


Having established their US headquarters in Portland, Maine in 2013, Eimskip actively services niche markets rich in natural resources, such as Northern Norway, Greenland and Newfoundland, before subsequently utilizing their extensive network to further dispatch cargo to its final destination.

 Norwegian Seafood Export

“With a strong presence in the North of Norway, Eimskip sends a substantial amount of seafood to worldwide destinations. The process requires efficiency and cooling systems both onboard the vessels and in the storage facilities for the goods to reach their destination in preserved condition.”

“Eimskip has specialized in transporting these types of refrigerated goods,” Tom Espen Svendsen, Manager of Eimskip’s Fredrikstad port location says during AmCham’s visit.

Although most shipped goods are Icelandic, Norwegian products account for approximately 15 percent of their total linier service volume.

US Operations

“Since selecting Portland as our main US destination, we have increased the number of port calls each year.”

“The potential to expand in the US, however, remains great. Currently Eimskip has weekly port calls in the US, with a goal to increase the number during 2019,” Svendsen explains.

Established with own offices on four continents and approximately 1,800 employees worldwide —50 of which based in Norway, Svendsen highlights Eimskip’s extensive network as a vital factor for their efficient asset operations.

“Being located so close to large East Coast cities such as Boston, without having to go through the larger harbors, makes it efficient reaching the cargo’s final destination on time.“

“Our established partnerships with other distribution companies ensure that the goods reach a number of destinations across the Unites States as well as other global destinations safely and efficiently,” Svendsen explains.

Eimskip Norway operates a fleet of reefer vessels and provides flexible and comprehensive services to its customers. By combining Eimskip’s container vessels, together with its reefer vessels, the company can find the best solutions for customers.

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